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because it's more than 'just coffee'...

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BANG in season three [Sep. 12th, 2006|03:45 pm]
because it's more than 'just coffee'...


Promos for season three featuring our favorite couple. :)

A New Promo Featuring Cristina and Burke

There's some other shots with MD/MF that have been in other promos. The BurkeCristina one is very touching and beautiful, SO heartbreaking. :'(

Cristina Making An Impression

The first one shown (not the best quality) with BANG-related spoilers. ;)

Same Scene As Above, But Clearer Quality

And pictures-

Episode Stills: (credited to prestinaluvr and Grey's Media)

Episode Stills for Season Three

And caps of the preview, the one with Cristina making an impression. ;)

Caps of the Preview

Hope you like! :D Enjoy....